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  Carl Carlsson Gyllenhielm  (1574-1650) ,  son of the Swedish King Carl IX .

In the beginning of 1570 the daughter of a Priest Katarina Nilsdotter gave birth to a son. The boy was given the name Carl after his father Duke Carl. Duke Carl was the youngest son of Gustav Vasa, and became King of Sweden.
By the time Carl was schooled in the nobility he was given the name Gyllenhielm. From that time on all 'snappers' in the Vasa family were given the name Gyllenhielm.
Carl became a warrior. 1595-97 he was enlisted in the French army, that time University for warriors. In the war against Poland he became a war colonel. In the battle at Kokenhusen Carl was taken prisoner. He spent 12 years in a prison cave. He had access to books, paper and pen he wrote
"Schola Captivitatis" and translated a part of the Bible into Swedish. When Carl came back to Sweden he got high posts like top admiral. 1615 Carl became Baron of Bergkvara. Midingstorp at that time was a part of Bergkvara.
Carl died in 1650.
1679 the King decided to build up a naval fleet in the town Karlskrona. At Midingstorp, there were high quality and plentiful oak trees needed for naval construction. Much timber was carried from Midingstorp to Karlskrona. The value of oak at that time was very high and the penalty of using oak for your own part was serious.